is a platform that connects allied health professionals with clients. I revamped their UI and built a custom, dynamic search and filter system so that people can easily find and schedule appointments with health practitioners. Built using JavaScript, HTML and CSS/SCSS.

  • screenshots of search and filter system for

HealthFeed is an RSS aggregator that sources and curates content relevant to the health industry. Built with React, Redux, Node, Express, MongoDB, CSS, Styled Components, AWS and Heroku.

  • screenshots of HealthFeed RSS aggregator app

Cocobuds is a two-sided marketplace that helps designers and developers find each other, connect and share skills. Built with Ruby on Rails, HTML, CSS/SCSS, PostgreSQL and Heroku.

  • screenshots of Cocobuds two-sided marketplace app

Portfolios allow me to showcase my talents and my passion for software development and design. Here's an older version of my portfolio from March 2019, when I was just beginning my career in tech. Built using HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

  • screenshots of my personal portfolio from March 2019
  • more screenshots of my personal portfolio from March 2019